Bloom – The New Album

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of Bloom, a new album by To All My Dear Friends.

Listen to Bloom the single

Enjoy this title track from the upcoming album! Download it here even for free.

It has been a long road to finishing this beautiful album. A year and a half long road to be exact! But it has been well worth the wait! Recorded in Columbus Ohio at The Tone Shoppe, Marc had the wonderful opportunity of spending two weeks in the live-in studio with recording engineer Eric Cronstein. This provided the perfect environment for getting lost in the music, raising each melody to it’s highest potential. Drums were recorded at Black Bear in Gainesville Florida with the very talented drummer Zachary Randall.

Now here’s where the fun begins. Everything is recorded. All that’s left is mixing and mastering. So what did Marc do? He took a chance and contacted some of the best in the industry in hopes of elevating the album to the next level! Bloom was mixed by Grammy Award winning engineer Malcolm Burn. Malcolm has recorded and mixed albums for many amazing artists including Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Kaki King, Emmylou Harris, and now even To All My Dear Friends! Marc spent a week up in Kingston New York at Malcolm’s iconic recording studio La Maison Bleue. Malcolm agreed to work on the album because he enjoyed the music. Awesome!

Mastering is being done by the world renowned engineer Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound who has mastered albums for many talented artists including John Lennon, Talking Heads, Paul Simon, St Vincent, Norah Jones, and now you guessed it.. To All My Dear Friends!! We feel so honored to be working with such talented engineers on this new album. For all you audiophiles out there, the single Bloom was mastered by Marc because Greg is currently mastering the album. That means the album version will be even better! Yay!


But what’s the best part about the new album? It was entirely funded from the streets of Asheville North Carolina! Marc has spent the last year diligently raising the funds, dollar by dollar, to finish this album. He calls it  “analog crowd funding,” without the use of a computer.


Working with such talented folks as Malcolm Burn and Greg Calbi is not cheap! Countless hours have been spent out on the street with violin in hand. So much so that there hasn’t been much touring in the last year. But don’t you worry! That will change soon. To All My Dear Friends hopes to hop on a national tour in the near future, and hopefully even an international tour. To start up the stage performance again, there is an album release show happening on Saturday September 20th in Asheville North Carolina.

Keep your eye out for the upcoming release of Bloom, available everywhere on Friday September 12th. You can even sign up for our email list to automatically be informed of the new release.


New Website Up

The new and improved To All My Dear Friends website is up and running! We’ve added a lot of cool new features in this update too. Let’s take a closer look!

Pile of smart phonesSmartphone Friendly

To start, probably one of the most exciting features is that the website is now compatible with all the smart phones, tablets, and various iDevices. Plus it’ll still work great on that 10 year old laptop that you just can’t convince yourself to replace. If you’re on a computer, you can drag the bottom corner of your screen and watch the website morph in realtime to fit your needs. Woo hoo!


#toallmydearfriends With Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for iPhones anymore! When you get a great photo of the band and hashtag #toallmydearfriends, your photo will show up on our website for all to enjoy! Technology is pretty sweet sometimes.

live shows stage

Live Shows

To All My Dear Friends hasn’t been touring much in the last year or two but that is going to change in the very near future. A new album is on the way (check back in a day or two for those details) and we are working on some special live performances to travel around the world with. Check out the Live page for information on upcoming shows.

mailchimp newsletterKeep In Touch

Join our email list to keep in touch on album releases and exciting news. Plus if you include your zip code, we will email you when there is a show coming to your area. Like we mentioned before, there will be a lot of live shows happening in the near future so be sure to sign up now so you don’t regret missing a show later!

new photo feedSpiffy Photo Interface

On top of the cool Instagram feed, we’ve got a spiffy new photo gallery to feature some of our favorite photos from live shows. It’s simple and beautiful so that you can easily enjoy the artwork of many talented photographers who have graced us with their skill.

district line merch storeMerch Store Open Now

We’ve teamed up with District Lines to internationally offer our merchandise for sale. Head on over to our new online store to see what’s available. To start, we will offer albums in both physical format and as digital downloads. With time we will add vinyl, t-shirts, and other cool merchandise for your enjoyment.

wordpress core

Core Background Technical Mumbo Jumbo

And last but not least, something that most people won’t even notice. We’ve heavily updated the core back end of the website so that it’s easier to maintain and update. This means more journal entries from Marc and regular news updates. The past website served it’s purpose for 3 years but it was very difficult to maintain. This new back end creates a world of difference. Marc designed this new website over the last month, spending his days performing on the streets of Asheville North Carolina to raise money for the new album and spending his nights typing away on the computer, often times pulling all nighters in preparation for the upcoming album release. Oh if only it was as easy as creating & playing music…

With all these great features, the new website is in place to help take things to the next level. Have any comments on the new design? Feedback is always appreciated. Feel free to email us at