Initiation – Single Out Now

I haven’t released much music lately or played many shows. Here’s a new track I did with my beloved. Vocals, violin and cello for you with hand pan and vocals by Aleeiah Sura. Hope you enjoy! A lot more vocal tunes will be coming soon from me..

Initiation with electric violin vocals cello and handpan

Street Performing Documentary


Director Erin Derham of PBS heads to Asheville, North Carolina to provide a rare and intimate glimpse into the lives of buskers: street performers and exceptional musical talents whose music is never ignored but whose faces are often forgotten. To All My Dear Friends was heavily featured in this wonderful hour long documentary.


Watch the documentary Buskin Blues for free:


Or watch the two minute trailer here:


Learn more about PBS Director Erin Derham’s other film projects by visiting her website:




Live Street Album Out Now!


from Asheville, North Carolina

Your walking up the streets of Asheville and suddenly become magnetically drawn towards the center of downtown. Is that a violin you hear? Are those drums? You turn a corner and stumble into a crowd of 100 people dancing. The music has put everyone into a trance. You can’t help but surrender to the beat.


The energy of the live show finally captured!


Available everywhere.





Hashtag Tops – #toallmydeaerfriends on Instagram

We’re always encouraging people to tag #toallmydearfriends on Instagram. The photos we’ve received are amazing! So many talented photographers out there. Now, in no particular order, these are our favorite #toallmydearfriends photos taken by many different people, with names for each photo made up by Marc!


Parrot Standing on Violinist’s Bowing Arm Whilst Violinist Plays

Photo by anonymous



Hula Hoop Girl

Photo by iveyspivey



Hipster Cred – Photo of a Polaroid

Photo Collaboration by anonymous & toallmydearfriends



Miami Heat

Photo by hereugostudio



Musing Captured

Photo by gvillesweets



Heart Music

Photo by toallmydearfriends


Musical Socks | Musical Pedals

Musical Socks | Musical Pedals

Photo by historyboutique


Seeking Out

Seeking Out

Photo by pharaohead


A Jump In Time

A Jump In Time

Photo by anonymous


Violin Shaped Albums

Violin Shaped Albums

Photo by toallmydearfriends




Photo by pharaohead