John Jordan Quilted Maple Electric Violin

Humans today live in a world that generates more noise and visual stimulation than ever before, causing disharmony within each and every one of us, dulling our emotions, over-exerting our minds. Through the violin, Marc Hennessey strives to create a musical experience that rejuvenates, nourishes and soothes the listener, helping to return balance to heart and soul.

Music speaks a universal language that all people understand, whether a small child listening to a village flutist, or a grown man enjoying a night at the Metropolitan. Sound knows no barriers, and indeed, can break them down, inspiring us all, touching each of us. For all that we humans have created and will create, music is, perhaps, one of our finest accomplishments.

Marc was eleven years old when he first picked up the violin and has been in a love affair with music ever since. He builds layers of sound live with violin and guitar, a process known as looping, making possible an amazing harmony without the use of pre-recordings. The result is both compelling and beautiful as he and his instruments dance and flow together on stage. This is all enhanced through deep rhythms created on drums.

To All My Dear Friends was formed in November of 2008, but it wasn’t until May of 2009 that Marc felt comfortable enough with the unique sound to take it to the streets. Of the music that sounds so effortless, Marc says, “It requires the careful blending of creative composition and logical planning.”