the black pins push so easily into the drywall.

despite the fact that black represent a place where i have no connections. a place where i want to play. black represents the hardest place to book a show.

i’m mapping out my tour. up on my wall, taped to the drywall, is a map of the eastern united states.

white, so difficult to push in, represents a booked show. red, the hardest to get in of them all for some reason, represents a location where i have a connection to try and book a show. an old friend, family, anything personal. i should of put up a cork board. and then black, pushing so easily into the drywall. black.

thirty pins later, fifty pins, feeling like a hundred. i’ve got a rough outline mapped out. who knows what it will lead to? i only have one white pin up. my fingers, aching. i should of put up a cork board.